10 page essay 2 – The Nursing Hub

The first part of the paper is attached below, you will build the ten page essay as a follow up to the first part attached
paper question:
Determine an ethical issue in the area of criminal justice you wish to delve into for the purpose of this paper.

Your paper should include a thorough analysis, including reference list page, appendices, figures, or tables.

There is a 10-page limit for your final paper not including your title page and reference page, appendices, figures, or tables.
Your assignment should include a title page and a reference list page, and be completed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with appropriate header, page numbers, one-inch margins, and meet all other requirements of APA Stylebook.
Please use at least two appropriate scholarly references formatted in the most current APA format.
An abstract is not required.

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