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Because we’d never had the opportunity to have sparklers in California, we bought some, which seemed like wonderful forbidden fun. A year later, we moved to Texas, which has offered a whole new experience in patriotism. Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the 4th of July. In fact, the first year we were here, we attended the church of a neighbor on the 4th and were shocked by the music minister wearing a flag shirt and leading the congregation in a number of patriotic tunes. No one in any California church we’d attended had ever sung “The Star-Spangled Banner” in church! We concluded this Texas church wasn’t very God-centered That is, until the next patriotic holiday, when we experienced the honoring of veterans and singing of even more patriotic songs at another church. We finally realized that everyone in Texas takes “God and Country” seriously, and literally. They pray, “God bless America” and mean it.

They want God to bless America and not just with material prosperity. They want God to bless America and its leaders with the wisdom we need to do right in the world, especially when doing right is hard to figure out. After a while of living in Texas, we’d accepted the patriotism but not really embraced it. Then, after 9/11, we did. We bought a flag and took our kids to our local bicycle 4th of July parade. We bought fireworks and went to barbecues. When I see the streets lined with flags on the 4th of July and flag day (which I didn’t even know existed before I moved to Texas), I sometimes find myself tearing up. Because people have died so that I can live a good life, an easy life, a life that makes me want to give freedom to others too. I remember that America is a special place and we can’t be complacent about the freedom we enjoy. Should We Ban 4th of July Parades? The authors of the study point out that John Adams specifically encouraged patriotic celebrations so that the thirteen very independent colonies would come together into one United States. Do displays of patriotism stir up antagonism instead? Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this study which links celebrating a holiday and patriotic displays with politics. Will someone try to use this data to ban 4th of July parades? Or will Republicans use this information to bash Democrats for being non-patriotic? Can my kid’s school still have a patriotic sing-along? Will we ban “The Star Spangled Banner” at baseball games? I guess I better fly my flag while I still can. United States PoliticsWhere Did Today’s Conservative, Republican, and Democratic Political Parties Come From — No, it Wasn’t a Stork. Politics and Social IssuesModern Patriotism in the U.S.A.

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