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The article contains useful tips that will serve you as a remainder to check your essay for punctuation and spelling errors each time you are about to hand in your essay to the teacher. When it comes to finalizing an essay, we often forget or simply do not feel like giving it the final glance so that to make sure the essay is sound as a bell. Unfortunately, we think how stupid it was of us not to pay several minutes to the essay only when we get the it back scribbled all over with the teachers corrections. Experience is the best teacher. And next time you will be writing an essay, youll definitely check it for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Each time you see “its” or “its” ask yourself: Do I need “its” as a possessive case of “it” or a contraction that will stand for “it is? Check it out with the rest of the words, such as “youre” and “your”, “theyre” and “there”, “theres” and “theirs.” As you might have noticed, unlike contracted phrases, the possessive pronouns never use apostrophes. It would be great if you could learn this rule of thumb by heart.

You must make sure all pronouns in your essay are used in the correct pronoun case. Simply determine whether the pronoun in every sentence is used as a subject, an object, or a possessive, and select the pronoun form to match. Do not refer to a lady like “it” and do not call your pet “she”. Be sure to use such pronouns as “it,” “they,” “this,” “that,” “these,” “those,” and “which” carefully to refer to definite referents, namely nouns. This way you will prevent confusion and misunderstanding on the readers part. Make sure everything agrees regarding singular and plural. To avoid such silly mistakes, you should know all the cases when plural and singular are used. By the way, make sure your plurals dont have an apostrophe before s. Its a rough mistake. See whether you spell “a lot” in two words. And remember that it is ALWAYS two words!