6 questions about art history each 200words

Please respond to the following questions in complete sentences. Each response should have approximately 200-250 words. You should be comprehensive about what we have studied (include main ideas and be inclusive of important details relevant to the question) and comparative in your responses (don’t just talk abut one work or artist). Please coherently organize what you write. Remember that you must do your own work and not download other people’s material from the Internet. Any infraction of this rule will result in an F for the grade.
1. Explain how Impressionism developed from its beginning to its later phases. Make reference to at least four different artists and their work, and describe the characteristics of this development.
2. What is your favorite Impressionist work? Imagine that you are writing a review of an exhibition of this work in a museum and describe its beauty and importance.
3. How is modern art different from art before Impressionism? Describe these differences using two different works of art from modern art and two works from pre-Impressionism.
4. What is your opinion of abstract art and graffiti? Give examples to support your opinion.
5. What museums have you visited in your life (you can talk about Eastern Art in this questions) and how do you compare what you have seen to the art that we have studied in this class? Please be specific as much as you can to specific works of art.
6. How has your opinion of art and museums changed after taking this class? Please make reference to specific works as much as you can.
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