7 Article Marketing Secrets I Used to Attract 4 Million NEW Readers (For Free)

Who else is about to launch a brand new content marketing campaign? Have you recently started exploring the idea of using article marketing… or article syndication into your brand, blog or business building process? Or maybe like many people reading this, you simply need a dead simple, fun, fast and FREE way to get your marketing message out to the masses?

The truth is, regardless of what your underlying needs are, and regardless of what you may have heard about it’s effectiveness in 2013, article marketing REMAINS the one tried and true “instant” traffic success strategy that still ROCKS.

Before we continue, I want to share with you a few simple truths about my own amazing ups and disappointing downs… my own searing successes and ferocious failures:

I have used just about every traffic strategy under the sun in my many years of building online businesses, and there are many approaches that are FAR easier than writing articles. However, the 1 perennial truth I keep on re-discovering is THIS:

There is NO better   FREE  way to build a list, or launch a brand new brand awareness campaign, or to promote your own products or services, OR to promote affiliate products, than  writing  articles. (and it still, TODAY – in 2013, has the very best ROI for me, out of more than a dozen different approaches I may be using at any given time)

I want to share with you the 7 biggest secrets I’ve learned over the last few years in personally writing over 4000 articles that have generated FAR in excess of 4 MILLION new readers, in a panoply of pen names and a myriad of markets, promoting far too many products and promotions than I can possibly count.

And while every business is a bit different… my sense is, if you are anything like me, these 7 lessons WILL apply to you, and a few of them have the power, and the potential, to give your he CONFIDENCE (and competence) to dance in the direction of YOUR dreams as well.

1 – Titillate with Your TITLES. (make a BIG promise… or offer a POWERFUL protection) This will dramatically amp UP your open rates, I promise.

2 – Specificity Sells! The more specific your titles are, the more intrigue they will attract, and the more readers you will earn. (use numbers, percentages and specific periods of time to see dramatically better returns)

3 – Shorter is BETTER than longer: While this particular article I’m writing here is a bit longer than I usually like, my best performing articles are 425 words or so. (and my WORST… are the ones that are over 700)

4 – Quantity Counts. Anyone who tells you 1 or 2 articles a day is going to change your life is NOT telling you the truth. Article marketing is about quantity as well as quality… and for a myriad of reasons that go beyond the obvious ones, the more articles you write, the more eyeballs you will earn. (and yet another reason to split up your longer articles into 2 or 3)

5 – Reward with your RESOURCE box. Give something away. Be compelling, be controversial, tickle curiosity to compel the click. If you don’t get the click… your articles will NOT build your brand, build your business, or your bank account.

6 – BIG niches rock. The bigger the niche… the better the ROI. Avoid micro-niches (and micro categories) unless it’s absolutely imperative to your offer… and your audience. Competition is your friend… and the more people that have a “problem”, the more confident you can be that your content will CONVERT into cash.

7 – Pick your PASSION and pursue it. All things being equal… the best content marketing campaigns are about the freedom to do what you LOVE for a living. Stop worrying about keywords and SEO and silly online strategies that pale to simply creating content, and a community around things that make you feel alive.

Lastly – use your articles to build relationships with your readers. There is NO better way to turn strangers into subscribers… and subscribers into sales than writing articles that demonstrate your authority and expertise, and if you truly care about what you do, and care about your readers, you can DO well by doing good faster with articles, than any other marketing method under the sun!

There you have it. (I just broke my own big rule about article length… but I really just wanted to share all of this in one fell swoop, so you’d have it, and apply it and hopefully… get started building YOUR business tonight!)