7 Easy Formulas to Promote New Content For Your Website

Updating your website with new content is the way to sustain the amount of traffic. People will not come back to your website if your website stays stagnant without any changes over a period of time. Thus, updating your website is important to prevent your website from losing its audience and shutting down your website. When   you  have  written  new content for your  website , the loyal readers will know about the updates easily, but what if there are those who are not that regular? Several ways to inform them and promote your new content:

1) Mailing list- email the subscribers and inform them what are the new addition to your website. This includes new content or even new designs. You can include a short description of the updates without telling more to encourage them into visiting your website personally. The readers might provide feedback on the new updates, especially if it is a new design.

2) Family and friends- they are more willing to help you in promoting your website. Tell them what are the new contents on your website, and they will spread the word around. Email your friends and include the benefits that your website can offer.

3) Forums or newsgroups- if you are a member of forums or newsgroups tell them about the new content. However, this should be done cautiously as forums disallow commercial promotion. Thus, be informative when you are promoting your website. This method works especially if you are a regular contributor.

4) Articles- again,  writing  articles is a good method to promote the new contents on your  website . It might seem difficult at the beginning, but search for guidelines and  you  will be able to  write  well for your  website . Writing articles can generate a lot of traffic and is a good promotional method.

5) Pay-per-click search engines- another method to promote your new content is to use pay-per-click search engines. Depending on the search engines that you used, you can see the traffic in a few days or even immediately.

6) Other websites- leave your link in other websites, especially those that are related to your website. There are websites where you can promote your new content such as those offering free services and competition.

7) SMS- this is another way to promote your new content. However, this requires mobile phone number and you can get the information from your subscribers.

These are only some of the methods to promote the new content of your website. There are other methods such as press release, magazines or relevant email repots. Website promotion is ongoing and those who are creative will be able to come up with a new method to promote their website. Keep a lookout at other website owners’ strategies and you can probably incorporate those to be used to promote your own website.