7 Tips for Generating and Finding Ideas For Teleseminars

Ideas are in the ether. They’re all around us. Everywhere we go and everything we do can generate ideas for us to use in our information and learning content products.

But how do you capture those ideas?

Where can you open yourself to those ideas? How can you turn them into teleseminars that you can use as products?

In this article, I’m going to give you seven tips for generating and finding ideas which you can use for your teleseminars.

1. Read a book on your topic.

As you learn more about your topic, you are going to naturally identify more ideas that you can use to create teleseminars. So read a book on your topic. What insights does the author provide? What additional areas do they identify?

2. Check out your competition

What courses do your competitors have? Could you combine two of them? Where do you have holes in your courses? What could you teach that they don’t? All of these questions can lead to ideas that you can turn into a subject for your teleseminars.

3. Ask your customers for their problems.

The easiest people to sell to are the people who have already bought your products. So ask them where they are having problems. Then help them to solve those problems.

4. Ask your customers what they would like you to teach.

Asking your customers where they are having problems is the best method. After all, they’re motivated to solve their problems. But asking your existing customers what they want to learn about is almost as good.

5. Read a magazine’s question and answer column

Find a magazine that deals with your topic. Better still find a magazine that deals with your topic and niche. Then check out their “Letters To The Editor” column. Or better still if they have an “Ask the Expert” column check out what questions are being asked. If one person is asking it, chances are lots of people will pay to learn the answer. So teach them. Use those letters to spark ideas for your teleseminars.

6. Ask one of the five questions.

The five Ws are “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Why” and “How”. Ask that question about your topic. Let your answer spark even more ideas. Create a ten tips or five tips response and then expand that into more detailed answers. Use those answers to spark ideas for your teleseminars.

7. Read blogs and forums related to your topic.

Use the online version of “Ask the Expert” columns. What questions are people asking? Where are they expressing frustration? Where are they having problems? Why are they having problems? Each of these questions can help you to generate more ideas for your teleseminars.