For this assignment, you will create a plan on how you are going to finance the business you chose in the Module 5 assignment. Follow the steps below for this assignment:

  • Describe, in detail, the source(s) you are going to use to finance your business.
  • Include the answers to the following questions in your essay.
    • How will you implement this source of financing? You may use more than one source, and in some cases, you must use more than one, to finance a startup venture. Keep in mind, some sources of financing are better for not-for-profit and some are better for inventory.
    • Why did you choose this source of financing?
    • How, and why, does it fit in your plan for your startup?
    • Will this source of financing cover all costs, such as equipment, furniture, etc.? If so, how?
    • Add any additional information you feel is relevant to fully explain your choices and plan.
  • Follow APA guidelines for citing your sources and references.