A “literature review” is a “review” of the “literature” (i.e., the articles, books, and other texts) about a research interest. It’s a comprehensive overview of everything important that’s been written about the subject of study.

A good literature review should be inclusive, which means that it covers everything that has been written that’s important to know as context for the new research. For our third paper, you’ll (a) Begin with an idea of a specific research question, (b) Look for and summarize research that responds to that question, (c) Integrate that research into a 7-8 page essay in APA Style, and (d) You’ll want to make your review as comprehensive as possible, which means you’ll want a very narrow question 2. For the Literature Review paper, choose your topic from one of Gladwell′s central claims throughout his book (or some other topic that I will then need to approve), then begin working on your annotated bibliography as it pertains to that topic. You will need a minimum of seven (7) sources, including at least one academic journal, all listed according to APA format.