A Sample Problem Solution Essay

“Oh, you’re going to be a freshman next year? I hope you’re ready to gain the freshman fifteen! While men face the problem of weight gain in college, it doesn’t affect them in the same way that it affects many girls. In today’s society, girls are only seen as desirable or beautiful if they are super skinny. The freshman fifteen is a huge problem on campuses throughout America today. Many factors contribute to freshman gaining weight, such as unhealthy food options and lack of exercise. Both of these problems stem from the fact that college students just don’t have any time for healthier options. Many students that actually weight during college actually didn’t ever want to gain it in the first place, but due to lack of time, they couldn’t stop the inevitable weight gain from happening. This weight gain not only affects their eating habits, but it also can greatly affect their self-esteem. Many students, especially girls, may find themselves not feeling as confident after gaining weight. This problem can than lead to even more serious issues, such as anorexia and bulimia. This problem not only affects college students, though.

It also affects the parents of students who are dealing with the stress of gaining weight, as such, not only are the student’s attitude affected, but also their parent’s attitude. After all, no parent wants to see their child upset about something. Luckily while I have been at college, I have actually found a way to fight and win the battle against the freshman fifteen. My first solution to the problem was just starting to eat healthier in general. Many students on campus are blind to the healthier options, but there are many that actually exist. Collins is known for their famous southwest chicken salad day, and healthy food options. It’s at Collins where I eat lunch every day, and where I have founded the healthiest options. Regardless of what people say, I found that I don’t even have to eat like a rabbit every day to maintain weight. Instead, I have supplanted my chicken sandwich, fries, and chocolate chip cookies with a healthier and more balanced option.

For lunch, I typically now eat a turkey or ham sandwich with tortilla chips or eggs, and a single cookie. I found this healthier and more balanced option not only tastes just as good as the unhealthy option, but it also helps me feel more active and alert throughout the day. Another problem that highly contributes to weight gain is late night snacking, or just snacking in general. I have found this to be a notorious problem among the other freshmen I know. While I myself am rather fond of snacking at night while I do my homework, I have found a healthier option. Instead of munching on high calorie candy or chips, I instead now eat pretzels, low calorie granola bars, popcorn, or marshmallows; all of which are known for having low calories, and still taste quite delicious. I’m still able to get a nice snack in at eleven at night, but now in a healthier way.

The main solution that has contributed to me not gaining weight is exercise. As I stated before I don’t go to the gym at all, but I found an easier option that I can do throughout the day that can help me not gain the notorious freshman fifteen. I found that just by simply walking everywhere on campus that I get in plenty of exercise during each and every day. On average, I can be found to walk about 3 miles every single school day, typically more. This single factor has contributed greatly to me not gaining any weight. Even if I eat a rather greasy and unhealthy meal on occasion, I can quickly walk it off by just simply walking to class. Not only that, but I found that taking the stairs can also help to not gain any weight, especially if you walk up the stairs on your tippy toes.