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These assignments START with book exercises but are modified so follow THESE directions

Pick ONE historic infrastructure project listed in Homework problem 8.11 page 155 of your text.Answer points 1,3, 4, and the following “ what other infrastructure systems were needed to make your selected one function (i.e. a bridge needs roads etc…) about this project in a well-formed ~½ page response.At the end of your response, provide a list of the websites from which you gathered information.List each website on a separate line.
Take a photo of a piece of infrastructure on the campus that you believe neededthe involvement of a structural engineer.In your response you will (a) identify the infrastructure, its location on campus, and describe its role (ie., a dorm is to house students), (b) describe what role you think the structural engineer in particular played in your selected, (c) include your infrastructure photo in the response.(3-5 sentences total should suffice).

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