Accident Investigation Assignment

Nick Burkhardt works as a Shipper/Receiver for Grimm Auto Parts, a automotive parts distribution centre.  The main function in the workplace is to receive material, store it in the warehouse and as orders come in ship the product via trucks to the customers.  Mr. Burckhardt’s functions are to unload the trucks of parts with a forklift when they come from the manufacturer and put them into the racking in the warehouse.  Order pickers will build the customer orders from Work Orders in the warehouse and bring the pallet of product to the dock where Mr Burkhardt will load it onto the proper truck.


On May 24, 2015, Mr Burkhardt arrived to work and was informed that someone on night shift had filled the main electrical room with 20 pallets of brake parts because they had received an extra trailer load of parts and had nowhere else to put them.  At 8:12 am, the Supervisor, Hank Griffin, asked Mr. Burkhardt if he would remove the parts from the electrical room.  The electrical room only had one access door which is a large vertical overhead door which opens to the outside.  However after the brake parts were put in the electrical room on night shift the sanitation company came by early in the morning and emptied the garbage dumpster and put it back too close to the overhead door to the electrical room to be able to get a forklift to the door hence Mr Burkhardt would have to move the parts out of the room by hand one by one.  Mr. Burkhardt would have to lift the parts off of the current pallet, carry it out of the overhead door, and then place them on another pallet outside.  Once the pallet was full he could pick up that pallet with the forklift to bring into the warehouse.


Mr. Burkhardt was moving the parts out when the overhead door inadvertently came down striking Mr. Burkhardt on the top of his head knocking him over.  The door coming down was heard by co-worker, Sean Renard, who came and lifted the door off of Mr. Burkhardt.


Mr. Burkhardt suffered a concussion, 18 stitches to the top of his head, and a broken shoulder.


Worker Information:  Mr. Nick Burkhardt

805 Prescott Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1P 1T5

Date of Birth: June 18, 1982

Date of Hire: June 6, 2002


Employer Information: Grimm Auto Parts

474 Elgin Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1R 3W5


Complete the following items:


On a separate Word document complete the following items with an explanation:

–  What was the direct cause of the incident?

–  What are some contributing causes of the incident?

–  What measures can be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future?


–  Fill out the accident report form in detail.


–  If at some point if there is information that you may not know (such as whether it was a sunny day or not) just make it up so that the story flows.

–  Try to tie the information into the lesson learning when possible.


attached is the accident form. i will send you chapter 12