Accounting Problem 6-10

Requirement is to determine the purchase price and leasing price. Purchase: The company can purchase the site, construct the building, and purchase all store fixtures. The cost would be $1,855,000. An immediate down payment of $414,500 is required, and the remaining $1,440,500 would be paid off over 5 years at $361,600 per year (including interest payments made at end of year). The property is expected to have a useful life of 12 years, and then it will be sold for $501,500. As the owner of the property, the company will have the following out-of-pocket expenses each period.

Property taxes (to be paid at the end of each year)


Insurance (to be paid at the beginning of each year)


Other (primarily maintenance which occurs at the end of each year)



Lease: First National Bank has agreed to purchase the site, construct the building, and install the appropriate fixtures for Waterway Inc. if Waterway will lease the completed facility for 12 years. The annual costs for the lease would be $252,470. Waterway would have no responsibility related to the facility over the 12 years. The terms of the lease are that Waterway would be required to make 12 annual payments (the first payment to be made at the time the store opens and then each following year). In addition, a deposit of $92,800 is required when the store is opened. This deposit will be returned at the end of the 12th year, assuming no unusual damage to the building structure or fixtures.
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