ACCT220-Apollo Sports manufacturers fabric tents

ACCT220-Apollo Sports manufacturers fabric tents
Apollo Sports manufacturers fabric tents. The poles are purchased from a vendor, so the only part manufactured is the actual fabric tent. The company uses a standard cost system based on manufacturing 5,000 tents per month. Overhead is applied on a per-unit basis. In May, 4,840 tents were produced. Management has a policy that all variances greater than 3% from standard should be investigated. Standard and actual costs are listed below:


Direct material 18 yards at $3.20 per yard

Direct labor 6.5 hours at $16.00 per hour

Overhead applied $12.00 per tent


Direct material 86,550 yards at $3.25 per yard

Direct labor 32,100 hours at $15.80 per hour

Actual overhead $56,750


1. Compute the total, price, and quantity variances for both materials and labor. State if each variance is favorable or unfavorable.

2. Compute the total, volume, and budget overhead variances. State if favorable or unfavorable.

3. Prepare journal entries for the application of overhead, the actual overhead, and to record variances and close the overhead account. Note that on the actual overhead, you will not have individual expense account amount, so just list “various” for the expense accounts.

4. Always label all of your work.