Action Words For Resume Writing Are Very Important

If you are about to write your own resume and are not quite sure how to begin maybe you should do a little research before you actually begin. I have found that most job seekers feel that they are writing a story about themselves instead of portraying a professional presence that represents their career. They also forget that it is not about them, but about what they are offering to a company. Do they have the skills and qualifications that a specific company is looking for? Some people have a very hard time talking or writing about themselves while others can write an entire book without even taking a second breath. The biggest thing to keep in mind when you are writing is to use action words for resume writing. Use statements and keep consistent in maintaining a sense of (past tense) unless of course you are referring to a position that you are currently working at.

Choosing proper wording is very important when referring to what you accomplished during employment and with the appropriate positions that you have held. Do not start out your job descriptions with sentence saying – I worked very hard making changes in a department or my – this or my – that. Start out with strong action verbs, like – accomplished, maintained, employed, conducted, fostered, etc. Another way to phrase the above sentence to give you an appropriate professional statement would be – Performed and executed numerous changes and procedures in several departments within six months.

Below is a small list of action verbs that may come in handy for you in your adventure in resume writing. Truly, you must stay away from just writing about yourself; give the impression that you are a professional and this is what you have accomplished and achieved at the company(s) prior to your job search. Make them interested and want to read more about what you are offering to them. Can you increase their revenue? Have you decreased man hours by 30% as an executive manager? Give them some information that might raise an eyebrow; how did you save your last company money. The secret is in the wording, dress it up!

Here are just a few for you to utilize:

Generated / Oversaw / Performed / Structured / Achievement / Accomplished / Advanced / Conduct / Contributed / Develop Deliver / Implemented / Facilitate / Forecasted / Fostered / Gained / Improved / Influenced / Maintained / Managed / Maximized Mediated / Motivated / Negotiated / Restructured / Strengthened / Structured / Suggested / Superseded / Supervised / Targeted Taught / Instructed / Trained / Mentored / Coached / Transformed / Transcended / Upgraded / Successfully / Influenced / Controlled

Just by using a few of these very powerful action verbs you can strengthen your resumes presence immensely. And, if you have trouble putting it all together it would be a very wise decision to hire a professional resume writer. Don’t take any foolish chances; remember this is your career that you are playing with. I would also suggest finding an affordable resume writing service, don’t be taken by a company that wants to charge you outrages amounts like $400 to $700. You get what you pay for – BUT, don’t be taken advantage of either. If you pay for a $40 resume that is what you will get, I would play it safe and say that a good price for a professional resume would range from $80 to $150. Go for a happy medium, I have seen a $20 – $40 resume before… be wary and good luck.