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8. Are you seeing any changes in the way you think about managing your time? Throughout your college career, you will be required to create presentations. The best strategy to ensure that your presentation is organized and effective is to develop an outline for the presentation. In Module/Week 8, you will create a PowerPoint Presentation to demonstrateyour favorite learning experiences throughout this course. In order to prepare for the presentation, you will develop an outline. 1. Study the instructions and grading expectations. View the Presentation Outline Grading Rubric to access the grading expectations for this assignment; viewing therubric for the PowerPoint Presentation in Module/Week 8 would also be helpful since this assignment corresponds directly to that one. 2. Obtain a main topic. The main topic for your assignment has already been established: your favorite learning experiences throughout the course. 3. Write down a list of subtopics that complement the main topic. Use the graphic organizer in the document entitled “Graphic Organizer – Sample” to complete this. Delete the sample text from the graphic organizer and add your own.

According to the PowerPoint Presentation Instructions, you need to choose 1 learning experience or skill from each of the 3 provided categories: Academic Research and Writing, Affective Learning, and Technology. 4. Acquire resources and quotes that will add support to your subtopics. On the graphic organizer, add support and detail to your subtopics. 5. Number the subtopics in a logical order. On the graphic organizer, determine in which order you will present your 3 subtopics; do this using Roman numerals. Then, determine in which order you will present any supportive information for your subtopics; organize these using capital letters. Once you have gone through these elements of the SOW AND REAP process, you are ready to put your outline in the proper format. Complete both your graphic organizer and your presentation outline within the “Presentation Outline Template” document. Save the document and submit it for your assignment. Submit this assignmentby 11:59 p.m.