African American Lesbians Diversity Research Paper

My paper is on African American Lesbians. Requires 8-10 pages with 2 pages being Literature Review. The references can be changed.

Research paper requirements include:


  1. Select a diverse population of interest

  2. Select a human behavior theory

  3. Review the literature on selected human behavior theory and its application to the selected diverse population. Research resources must include, 8 peer reviewed professional journals and one website source and any book of your choice.

  4. The selected diverse population should be of any other ethnic, cultural, and/or socio-economic background of choice.

  5. Provide an analysis of the historical, legal, social and political position of the diverse population.

  6. Discuss how the theory applies to the specific diverse population.  Include strengths and weaknesses of this theory regarding the chosen population.

  7. Identify contemporary social justice and/or policy issues specific to the population.

  8. Identify ethical considerations when working with this population and provide two (2) examples of how you will engage in ethical decision making when working with this population.

  9. Identify and discuss pathways for resisting oppression.

  10. Include (2) Saint Leo University Core Values, and (2) EPAS/PB.

  11. The paper must be between 8-10 pages.  Grades will be based on adherence to APA format, content, completion of all requirements listed above, clarity, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, neatness, proofreading and overall quality of work.