Alaska Airline History of the Airline Alaska Air Group is one of the major air groups in the United States and is based in Washington. The airline was formed in 1985 by the same company which acquired Horizon Air and Jet America Airlines. In 1987, Jet America Airlines and their workers were converted into Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines is autonomously operating and is not part of Jet America. The estimated number of employees for Alaska Air Group as at 2007 is about 9866 members of staff. However, this number has greatly reduced since 2008 and it has been difficult to determine the exact number of employees in Alaska Air Group (Alaska Airlines, 1989). The aircraft that operates in this airline is the Boeing aircraft which is itself built in the United States. The aircraft has a seating capacity of 172 passengers. On the other hand, Horizon uses the Bombardier aircraft built in Canada for its operations.

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