American Public University System HIST101 History Homework Help

Get help for American Public University System HIST 223 History Homework help. The first assignment that you must complete is the Week 1 Forum. The forum is a critical part of this course since it is through the forums that you will interact with your classmates. Throughout the course, I will post questions in the forums and you will need to post your answers to the questions that I ask and make comments to each other. In this Forum, you will write a bio about yourself, your goals/expectations of the course, and your favorite historical site that you have visited or would like to visit. Your introduction must be at least 200-250 words long and you must post your bio by 11:55pm, ET, Sunday. Additionally, you need to respond to 3 of your classmates’ posts by 11:55pm, ET, Sunday. Additionally, you are required to examine a myth in US History.

You can accomplish this by searching the web using the key words “U.S. History Myths.” Specific instructions are located in the forum. The initial response is due on Friday at 11:55 PM ET. Please note that going forward, all initial posts to the Forums will be due by 11:55 pm, ET, on Friday of the week assigned. This is a graded requirement from the Director of the History and Military History Programs as well as the Academic Dean. If you have any questions about this requirement, please feel free to contact me using the Message Tool. After reading your initial response to the forum question, your instructor will ask a follow-up question intended to make you look a little deeper at the subject. You should post those answers here. Choose one of the following questions to answer and respond to at least three other postings. 100 words. Remember that you will need to respond to my follow-up question as well. 1. The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay had fled an established church and religious persecution in England. Why, then, did they promptly establish their own church and persecute dissenters?

2. What were the major social and environmental developments that made America a new world for both Europeans and Indians? 3. What impact did the Industrial Revolution in England have on the American colonies? 4. Why did the colonists object to the new taxes in 1764 and again in 1765? What arguments did they use? How did these conflicts turn into a constitutional crisis? 5. What was the British policy of salutary neglect? Why did the British follow this policy? What consequences did it have for the British colonies in North America? 6. In what ways were the lives of women and men in New England similar? In what ways were they different? After reading your initial response to the forum question, your instructor will ask a follow-up question intended to make you look a little deeper at the subject. You should post those answers here. You have been divided into two groups.

For this forum, Group A (Last name A-M) will assume the role of an individual who supported the American Revolution (a Patriot or Whig), while Group B (Last name N-Z) will argue against it as Loyalist or Tory citizens. Loyalist James Chalmers, under the pseudonym of Candidus, wrote Plain Truth in response to Thomas Paine’s famous pamphlet Common Sense. You can click on the enclosed link to read Thomas Paine at Gutenberg Project. Then read the excerpted text from Chalmers below, shaping your statement in support or in opposition to Chalmer’s argument. Your submission should be a minimum of 200 words in length. Try not to make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role of someone who lived in the colonies in the period up to, and including, the American Revolution. You could be a Colonial politician, a merchant, a farmer, a shop owner, or even a Southern plantation owner. After your initial submission, you are then required to continue the debate by responding to three of your classmates. Your responses should be a minimum of 100 words, and should contribute to the dialogue. Your initial response is due by 11:55pm, ET, Friday and your responses to 3 other students by 11:55pm, ET, Sunday.