An analytical essay of the different meaning each character assigns to the notion of “honor” in the context of the play “The Voysey Inheritance” by David Mamet

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TOPIC: The paper is fully based on the play “The Voysey Inheritance” written by David Mamet. (no other outside source at all) For this paper, examine this notion of honor in the context of this play. The word is mentioned a fair amount, but it seems to mean different things to different characters. There also may be competing notions of a public and a private sense of honor. Do any of the characters have their initial sense of honor complicated How Tease out the different meanings of the term in the play, and determine just how these notions of honor inform the action and the central moral questions of the play.

Structural Instructions:
-The bulk of the essay should involve careful quotation and analysis of passages from a play in order to make a clear, interesting, and arguable point.
– Please include many detailed quotes appropriate with MLA system. Providing a quote to back up every statement you make is very important!
-Please finish the essay profoundly.
-Please use sophisticated vocabulary and an advanced language.
-Please make a clear and developed thesis statement and topic and conclusive statements for each paragraph with transitions.
– Make sure to use proper MLA-format with the works cited page (8th page).
– 8th page needs to be Works Cited with only the THE VOYSEY INHERITANCE play sourced – no other source – Please use abundant quotations to support ideas
– Please make sure that every idea is from you – do not plagiarize
– Please write full 7 pages
– Please have clear introduction-several body-and conclusion paragraphs – Please have a TITLE & have a clear THESIS Statement at the end of the introduction paragraph (thesis should include every topic that will be discussed in each body) emphasize how each person conveys a different meaning to term honor and why do they do that What does this indicate to us Do not only say what they assign to the term honor but also deeply analyze the reasons of this meaning and what it provides in relation to the context.
– Please examine the difference of a public and private sense of honor.
– Every new paragraph should have an introductory sentence and conclusive sentence
– Please start the essay with a hook (either quote, question, an interesting sentence)
– Please used advanced vocabulary with complex sentences
– This is an ANALYTICAL essay, so please don t use the pronoun “I”
– Please read the play carefully and do correct analysis
– Please give specific examples with the characters while analyzing and make you sure to analyze the relationship each character has specific scenes from the play with character quotes
– The MOST important thing is not making a summary but providing a good ANALYSIS of each point you make
– Please use transition words to make the essay smooth
– Please read the TOPIC carefully and provide answers to all the questions in the essay I would really appreciate if you could read all the instructions that I’ve provided and write the essay based on these, so that I don’t have to request a revision. Thank you very much.