essay assignment is to compose an analysis of two different translations of the flood narrative from Gilgamesh. One translation is by Benjamin Foster and it is located in your text book. The flood narrative appears on pg. 143-48, lines 1-212, 0f Tablet XI in the 3rd edition of the Norton Anthology, volume A. The second translation is by N.K. Sandars, and it can be found on Blackboard by clicking on the ?Essay 1? folder and then clicking on the PDF file titled ?Sandars Translation: Flood Story.? The flood narrative in this translation occurs on pp. 35-38 of that document. For the Sandars version, you should read the two or three paragraphs before the start of ?book 5? and read through to the end of that book, up until the beginning of ?book 6.?
So, as mentioned above, you are being asked to analyze these two different flood narratives. In analyzing the differences between the two texts, you will seek to do two distinct things:
1) explain to your readers what the differences are between the two translations; and
2) explain how these differences help contemporary readers understand the original
work?or if they even help us to understand it at all.

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