Analyzing Evidence Chart

Analyzing Evidence ChartPaper details:
Complete each step.

Review the readings, lessons, and presentation on different types of evidence: English 1A online – Types of Evidence – 2015.pptx-.pptxPreview the documentView in a new window.
Read FItoAW
Agustin Fuentes, from The Myth of Race p. 515
Michael S. Kimmel, “Gender, Class, and Terrorism” p. 588
Elline Lipkin, from Girls’ Bodies, Girls’ Selves: Body Image, Identify, and Sexuality p. 595
(These readings, please check the ebook I have attached)

3. Download the following chart: Analyzing Evidence Chart.docPreview the documentView in a new window. Use it to guide your reading of your chosen article. Complete the entire chart, saving it as a word document, and upload your completed response here.

**You must use the chart I provided to complete this assignment. “Analyzing_Evidence_Chart_1.doc “. You basically need to fill up the charts.

*Make sure you download and read the PPTX I uploaded!
Here are the website you need to check out:
“Using Rhetorical Strategies for Persuasion”
“The Forest of Rhetoric”