Limit you answer to one and a half pages single space (or three pages double spaced. Be sure that you have
checked your work for spelling and grammar errors.
Assignment Description: Select an article from an ACADEMIC journal that addresses the social impacts of
sports or sports tourism.
Use the electronic Libraries for accessing an article in an academic journal you would like to review, and be sure
it is an academic journal and not a trade journal or a popular press article.
The article can pertain to a sport event, sports related tourism, or sport spectators. Provide a brief summary of
the article.
Do not simply copy and paste the abstract of the article.
Read the article and in your own words summarize the purpose of the research, how the research was conducted,
and a highlight of the findings.
Also comment on whether there were any observable research flaws (this could be sampling or research bias,
too many research limitations, statistical treatment errors or inadequacies, faulty assumptions, results which
could not be generalized to a larger population, etc.)