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Week 3 Individual Project
Deliverable length: 2 pages
Course Objective(s):
Describe the wine making process, major names and regions
Demonstrate the correct method of service of wines
Library Research Assignment
Viticulture and viniculture, the practices of wine growing and wine making, respectively, are very basic but can be very complex processes. There are many stylistic decisions a wine producer makes to ensure the end product meets his or her criteria. Imagine yourself as a first-time winemaker, and your plan is to craft a complex, smoky, textural white wine with buttery nuances and a finished alcohol level of at least 14%. This style of wine is currently the most popular style with American consumers.
For any type of wine, before fermentation begins special strains of yeast are added. There is a fairly commonly accepted methodology for the translation of measurement of sugar in unfermented grape must into potential alcohol levels for finished wine.
Starting with the choices you must make in the vineyard at harvest time and finishing with the choices you will need to make in the winery address the following elements:
The grape varietal
The minimum measurement of Brix that will set your harvest in motion
The method of harvesting
The procedures that you as the winemaker should use with your grapes before reaching the fermentation stage
What styles of fermentation you would use, and in what type of vessel this should take place
Once fermentation is complete, the steps that should be taken in the winery to style your wine to have the characteristics described in the introduction

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