Annotated Bibliography 1

Annotated Bibliography 1

Research Question:

What is the influence of parent education level on high school seniors’ college degree plans?

a) Annotated Bibliography: The annotated bibliography will be focused on the topic you choose for your literature review/final paper. An annotated bibliography is not just a list of references; it also presents a description of each article. You must incorporate this feedback into your literature review/final paper.

How to Do an Annotated Bibliography

A. Locate 10 or more journal articles that have specific relevance to your topic. These articles must be from peer-reviewed publications. You may not use any magazine, webpage, blog, Psychology Today, Wikipedia, newspaper article or any other source that is not a peer-reviewed journal article. You should focus on how both your topic and your variables have been addressed in the literature.

B. Cite the article using APA style.

C. Write the annotation (summary) of the article

a. Your annotation should follow the main parts of a research article—Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion.

i. Introduction: Write one or two sentences that address the research topic/purpose of the paper and any specific hypotheses that are being tested.

ii. Method: Write one or two sentences that state how many participants, any important characteristics of the participants, and what materials/procedures were used.

iii. Results: Write one to three sentences that present results for the research question/hypothesis presented in “i” above. In other words, the introduction presented one or more questions, now you give the answers to the questions.

iv. Discussion: Write one or two sentences that present the implications and importance of the results.

D. Please note that you may not use the abstract or any part thereof as your annotation (summary).