Annotated Bibliography and final paper

Annotated Bibliography and final paper

Annotated bibliography final project
For Annotated Bibliography& Final Paper

• Cell Phone Addiction
• Cyberbullying
• Do father-daughter relationships affect females’ future relationships and self-esteem?
• Has social media changed the way we keep in touch with friends?
• Do people still listen to radio nowadays?
• How does the media use advertisements to evoke our emotions?

HUC 101: Annotated Bibliography Final Project
Rationale: This semester, we will explore a diverse collection of theories related to communication, relational communication, intercultural/global communication, and public communication/rhetoric. The Annotated Bibliography Project gives you an opportunity to utilize your research skills, critical thinking skills, and written communication skills to become an expert in a specific area of communication. By successfully completing this project, you will develop valuable research skills and become an expert on a communication topic.

Project Description:
This project consists of two major components.

Component #1: The Annotation Exercise (Refer to Syllabus for points)
Due at the beginning of class on (Refer to semester schedule).
This assignment must be submitted in paper or on blackboard by the assignment’s deadline.

1. Select one communication topic/question (refer to your HUC 101 instructor’s topic list).
• Learn about your selected communication topic- it could be a topic within the 5 fields of communication.
• Alternatively, the topic could explore the intersection between your major and communication.
• Asking a research question like Do father-daughter relationships affect females’ future relationships and self-esteem? Can help focus the topic further.
2. Find, download, print, and read two empirical research articles that features your selected communication theory. This article should come from a peer-reviewed academic journal.
• Please do NOT annotate our textbook, book review articles, or webpages. To help you locate good journal articles, we will discuss some useful research tips in class.
3. Identify 3 internet sources
• Chose reliable and credible sources such as .gov or .org websites, articles from major newspapers such as the New York Times, we will discuss some useful research tips in class.

4. Create annotations (1 page)
• Provide the source’s citation (APA format- 6th edition)
• Summarize the article/ internet source (1-2 paragraphs)
i. Identify the article’s/internet source’s purpose.
ii. Identify and discuss the article’s theory/theories. In case of an internet source, identify key information shared on the website.
iii. Describe the article’s method. Skip this for internet source.
iv. Identify and explain the article’s (and internet source’s) major results and conclusions.
v. NOTE: For peer-reviewed academic sources, please go beyond the abstract! You must read the entire article to provide an adequate summary for this assignment.

Component #2: The Final Paper
Due at the beginning of class During Exam Week.
This assignment must be submitted in paper or on blackboard by the assignment’s deadline.
Goal: To demonstrate your mastery of a communication topic!

1. Think about your selected communication topic/question: What does this theory say about the way we communicate?
2. Write your paper. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, professional font like Times New Roman and with 1” margins). Your list of references and cover sheet do NOT count toward your page limit. Please include the following elements in your paper:
a. What communication topic/question did you select? (*This is the most important part of your paper!)
i. Identify your topic.
ii. What does your paper aim to do?
iii. How have other researchers studied your topic/question? (Hint: Please cite studies from your annotated bibliography)
b. What are the implications of your topic!
i. Using your theory, provide and discuss THREE practical “takeaway messages” about human communication. You could provide three pieces of advice to help people communicate more effectively in personal and/or professional contexts. Alternatively, you could provide three “best practices” on human communication for professionals in a particular industry (e.g., public relations, sales, or human relations).
ii. Summarize your conclusion towards the end.
c. References: 5 sources in all. Please cite at least 2 peer-reviewed resources in APA format (in-text & at the end of your proposal). You are strongly encouraged to include some (or all) of the sources from your annotated bibliography portfolios.