Compose an analysis of that event or situation using the unit operations concept that you selected. Unit


The unit textbook concepts for our discussion in this unit are:

Application of capacity planning in Operations

Application of facility location analysis in Operations

Application of facility layout analysis in Operations

Economies and Diseconomies of Scale in Operations

Examples of Process Layout versus Product layout in Operations

Notice that all of these topics refer to the Operations function of a business, to manufacture a product or create a service. We all know that capacity planning is used in all of the business functions, such as in the business information systems (IT), but for the discussion in this unit please focus on Operations examples and articles.

Select one of these concepts and find a current related article that describes it at Industry Unit: (Links to an external site.) , (Links to an external site.), the New York Times (Click on ‘business’): (Links to an external site.) , or the Wall Street (Links to an external site.) (you can use the Wall Street Journal every unit in this course).

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