Application-The Potential Causes of Female Violence

(9)-Application-The Potential Causes of Female Violence –see detailed instructions that are attached.
(9)-Application-The Potential Causes of Female Violence
Write in APA format
? Describe the violent female offender you selected.
? Identify the type of offender
? Provide a detailed overview of the offender, and her life and crimes.
? Discuss the nature of the offender?s crimes.
? Explain how his or her criminal offending is consistent or inconsistent with what is known about the nature of criminal behavior.
? Discuss the potential social and environmental causes of the offender?s behavior.
? Discuss whether criminal profiling could have been used to apprehend this criminal sooner.
? Briefly discuss some of the policy implications that might flow directly from what is now known about this offender.
Choose any other resources that you wish use EXCEPT:

? Please write with font- Times New Roman 12
? Please only use USA references not UK
? Please add the website?http? reference so it is easy to find your resources that you used.
? Please do not put special links to ?pull? references; example-EndNote?s Cite While You Write feature. Or any feature that automatically creates a link from the citation to the bibliography I have had issues with other writer using some kind of software program to pull their references onto the Reference page. I have to add my own references and if there are links I cannot edit. Thanks!
? DO NOT USE any type of Wikipedia source. This is not a reliable source.