Are You Too Nice To Him? The Good And Bad Sides Of Being Someone He Can Always Count On

Are you too nice to him? Do you feel you’re being a little too nice to the men you like, and that it’s keeping you single longer than you care to be? Are you afraid he might see you as a friend, and not a potential girlfriend or wife? Even today, women are expected to be the “nicer” sex. But can too much of a good thing really be a bad thing?

How To Tell If You’re Being Too Nice

If you’re displaying two or more of the following traits (don’t lie), then it’s quite possible your niceness is also causing your relationship woes:

• You don’t know how to say no to him, so you spend all your time, money, and energy with him. And when you have to say no, it fills you with an enormous sense of guilt.

• You forgive him too easily, even when you’re not sure he learned his lesson. Being able to forgive is a crucial trait to have in a serious relationship, but only as long as you’re sure the offender learns their lesson, and that it doesn’t happen over and over again in the future.

• You go out of your way to make others feel special, especially the man of your life. Little somethings here and there are nice, but too much can make him feel complacent, which in turn encourages him to take you for granted.

• When he calls you for a last-minute date, you’re there 30 minutes early. But when you set the date, he arrives late — if he arrives at all — and doesn’t even apologize. Is he taking you for granted? You bet!

Yes, this is what being “too nice” looks like. There are few things more damaging to your self-esteem than being too nice. You are constantly showing the world that you don’t value yourself, and that you’re “okay” with being treated badly.

Do you let people get away with too much? Be careful, because your man just might “get away” with leaving you for a manipulative bad girl!

Yes, it’s good to be nice. But remember that you’re important too. And any man who deserves you must respect the fact that he has to be nice to you too — otherwise, he doesn’t deserve your love, and you have every right in the world to find your happiness elsewhere!

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