Argosy-University MGT 430 Homework Help

Get help for Argosy-University MGT 430 Homework Help. Begin this assignment by introducing yourself to classmates. Cover the following items in your introductory note. Provide an autobiographical statement that includes your name, type of employment position, and your management experience level. Describe your current or prior experience working in training and development. If you have no direct experience, discuss your interest in the field. Share what you hope to learn from this course and how you envision applying what you have learned. In addition to the introduction, describe what you think the role of training and development is (or should be) in an organization. Share your ideas, observations, and experiences related to the topic. Given the changing employee demographics and rapid updates to technology, it is important for organizations to link training and development to the needs and preferences of its workforce. Training facilitates acquisition of new knowledge and skills, and development facilitates the ability to handle future responsibilities.

Continual training helps ensure that employees have the skills, information, and motivation required to successfully achieve organizational objectives. Summarize the current organizational training program. The speaker notes section should be used to provide an explanation of each slide. APA format should be followed. A needs assessment is a systematic means of analyzing existing standards and conditions against desired ones. The difference between the current and desired states is referred to as the “gap.” This gap reveals information that is necessary to make more informed decisions in support of organizational goals and objectives. The needs assessment is a valuable tool used to facilitate the management of continuous change taking place in today’s organizations. In this assignment, you will apply needs assessment for the scenario below. Assume you are consulting and you have been asked to conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the training and development needed to elevate the performance of 25 employees in a sales support call center.

Your goal is to identify a training program that will address the collective needs of the group. What preliminary information would you gather before conducting the needs assessment? Provide a rationale for your decision. Describe the various steps you would take in conducting the actual assessment. Write your responses in about 300 words. The primary goal of training programs is to ensure participants develop the required knowledge and capabilities to maximize on-the-job performance. To improve the effectiveness of training programs, it is important for training professionals to develop strategies that support the transfer of training (or learning) and create evaluation methods that effectively measure the impact of the instructional process. Using the Argosy University online library resources, research the concept of transfer of training. Why is the topic important to employee training and development? Justify your response, giving at least three reasons, supported by at least two scholarly resources. Write your responses in about 300 words. Training is a fundamental component to any organization. Organizations spend thousands of dollars each year to train and develop employees. Many of the programs do not produce the desired result of increased productivity.

Using the Argosy University online library resources, research factors to determine how needs assessments benefit organizations. Discuss the role that technology, computer based training, webinars, etc, play in determining the cost effectiveness of training programs. Minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed, scholarly sources, within the last ten (10) years, not including the text material. Assignment 1: Discussion—Career Self-Assessment Self-assessment is the first step in the career planning process. Career assessments are designed to help you determine the most appropriate career choice and to help you plan your future. These assessments can provide insights regarding your personality, values, interests, and skills and the role they play in your career development and management. The Internet is increasingly used as a source of self-assessment, career development, and career management. Review the online career assessment tools available in the Webliography. Select and complete three of these assessments. Prepare a discussion posting addressing the following items. Your responses should go beyond mere surface interpretations to provide depth of self-exploration and self-discovery.

What do the results reveal about your values, interests, skills, goals, interaction style, etc.? How will this information be useful for your career development and management? Organizations today have adopted innovative measures to retain key talent and reduce turnover. These measures include dual-career paths and alternative or flexible work arrangements. In addition, some organizations also provide their employees with outplacement, recruitment, and coaching services. Managers should know and understand how to develop an employee in his/her preferred career path. In order for the assessment data to be beneficial to the employee, the manager should understand and know how to interpret the data. What value does the manager you interviewed place on career self-assessments? What role does the interviewee play in helping his or her employee reach their career objectives? Does the manager see any room for improvement in this area? Why or why not? In addition, address the steps the employee can take to ensure assistance is received on a continualbasis from the manager to promote workplace self-development. All sources should be cited in proper APA format. Organizations should constantly review its compensation package to ensure it is competitive with the current market conditions.