This assignment is worth 110 points. Go to now click on DiversityInc Magazine.

Now choose two articles from the year 2015 or later. Information from articles prior to 2015will result in 0 points. Requirements for each article (please label them article aand article b then include the information below for each article:

  1. State title of article, month/season(winter etc.)and year of article/diversityinc magazine or your article link. If this information is not included it will not be graded.
  2. In the first paragraph, which is at least four complete sentences of information summarize the article.
  3. In the next two paragraphs indicate:
  • how the information in this article relates to diversity in the workplace,
  • how the information is beneficial or not beneficial
  • how it could be utilized in the workplace
  • and which chapter it relates to best (you may need to use the index of your text) and why.

Points will be lost for the following:

  • Not completing two articles
  • For it not be from the year 2015 or later
  • For each article summary not having at least three paragraphs with the information from above
  • For not stating the article title and diversityinc link or month/year



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