Article Creation Templates – How to Leverage the 7 Tips Article Template For More Prospects & Profit

 Article  Marketing requires you to create a significant amount of  articles  so you can benefit from the traffic, online visibility and profit.

Not a very profound insight there above, but it is where many would be  article  marketers stumble. They create a few  articles  and wait for the traffic to pour in. The reality is that the larger your  article  volume or  article  inventory, the larger all your other numbers will be.

So let’s take a closer look at one of the most powerful  article  templates that I use, the 7 Tips Instant  Article  Template.

7 Tips Instant  Article  Creation Template

So here are 4 steps and a Bonus Tip for creating a high volume of  articles .

1) Pick a specific topic – The more specific your topic the better. Instead of trying to cast a wide net that may catch a lot of people with minimum interest, cast a specific net that catches the attention of those who really want to know what you know. This also gives you the ability to write many more 7 Tips  Articles  on many more topics within your niche.

2) Make a list of 7 tips, solutions, suggestions, warning signs, etc. – Just let yourself brainstorm these. If you come up with more than 7, save those for another  article . If you come up with less than 7, let’s use what you’ve got. Don’t just hold them in your head. Write them out on a sheet of paper or on your computer. The weakest ink is always better than the strongest memory.

3) Add about 50 words for each – Explain the tip and how to use it. If it is a warning sign, explain what to watch out for. If it is a straight tip, explain how to use it. Make the tip useable for your reader/prospect.

4) You now have a powerful 350+ word piece of content – 50+ words x 7 tips comes out to over 350 words, at least where I went to school. Now get this  article  out on the  article  directories and on your blog to have it start working for you.

Bonus Tip – Create 7 more pieces of content for each of the 7 tips – To get the most out of your 7 Tips  Article , take each of your 7 tips and create an  article  out of each tip. You already began the  article  with each tip, now just finish it for another  article .