Article Marketing Niche Selection

Before you can begin any  article  marketing campaign, obviously niche selection needs to take place. In other words, you need to choose the subject or market that you are going to be writing  articles  about. Depending on the specifics of what you will be doing with the  articles  in your campaign, as far as where you will be driving traffic to, strategically choosing a niche takes several steps. However, the steps listed below apply to all types of  article  marketing projects.

1) Choose a niche that you are passionate about. This is a great suggestion that I find really helps people to succeed. Writing can get tedious and this is especially true if you are writing about things that don’t interest you. If you choose a niche that you care about and are interested in, you will write a lot more  articles  and the chances of you sticking to your campaign and seeing it through will be much greater.

2) Good keywords. There is one hard and fast rule that always applies to niche selection for  article  marketing: there must be good keywords to use in the niche. When doing your keyword research, pay attention the rule of 15. The rule of 15 is simply, you need to find at least 15 keywords that have a first place Google rating of 15 and no more than 15,000 competing keywords. If the niche you are considering doesn’t have enough keywords that qualify, skip it.

3) Interesting stories. Look for niches that have varieties of subjects that you could write about. This will help to ensure that your  articles  stay fresh and interesting.