Article Marketing – What is it Offering You?

 Article  marketing, in an internet sense, is a modern promotional phenomenon which harnesses the power of the interconnected nature of the internet and the hunger for written content on websites.   Article  marketing allows writers to promote themselves, their customers, websites, products or literally anything by writing about them and making the content freely available for reproduction on other internet sites.

So how does it work and what does it offer as a marketing tool?  Firstly, you need to produce an  article  on whatever subject it is that you want to promote, or on a related subject.  Once created, the  article  can be uploaded to any number of  article  directories which will allow website owners to ‘reprint’ your  article  on their site, usually for free.  The genius comes in the form of the  article  bio, a small section of text, usually at the end of the  article , where links can be included.  This is sometimes called the resource box.  Using these links to drive website traffic to another page can be very useful, but it’s not the traffic from the  article  directory site that is the real benefit.  If you have produced a high quality  article , it’s likely to be picked up and reproduced on a number of websites, probably all relating to the same subject matter.  You will get some traffic from these websites as well but the mere fact that one link has now turned into several links without you having to do anything, will have a positive impact on your search engine results page rankings (SERPs).  It is well known that the more backlinks you can get to your site across the web, the greater the perceived importance of your website, in general terms.  The reproduced backlink is therefore the valuable item in this case.  The more your  article  is picked up by others, the more times your backlink will be reproduced.

Having your work reproduced, carrying your name around the internet, can give you some excellent reputational benefits.  If you’re intent on building a personal reputation, your bio may focus more on you and less on a target website that you want people to visit.  Again, writing quality  articles  will help you build your own reputation and standing as someone who knows their subject and you can, through time, establish yourself as an authority on your own particular subject.

Many webmasters get frustrated that their  article  is not getting traffic or that  article  marketing is not working for them.  In most cases this is usually because the  article  writer has not fully appreciated that the  article  being written is an ad for you or your website.  Many unsuccessful  article  marketers make the mistake of using sub-standard  articles  and expecting good results.  Your  article  should always be of as good a quality as you would use for your own site.  If it isn’t, then you are telling prospective visitors or customers that quality is not important to you and that they can expect poor quality information on the target website.  Equally, website owners will not wish to reprint a shoddy  article  on their website and so the reproduction of backlinks that you so badly want, will not happen.

Don’t get carried away with the whole website promotion and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) thing.  Remember that your  article  needs to be for people, not for internet search engines to browse with their robot spiders. You’re looking to have your  article  picked up and reprinted by real readers so that you can promote yourself, your subject or whatever you’ve included in your bio.

In short, to make  article  marketing work for you, you must:

– make sure your  article  is related to your target website or market and is therefore relevant.

– make sure you use good quality, well written and original  articles .

– remember that your  article  will be read by a human being, so make it a readable and interesting  article .

– be patient.  Traffic and backlinks don’t and won’t appear overnight.