Article Marketing Without Tears – Too Much is the New Enough

One very important thing to know about  article  marketing is how much  writing  is necessary. I am guessing that by the title you might already have an Idea. Yes there is an immense amount of  writing  involved with  article  marketing. More than anyone might expect in fact. One thing is worth mentioning here, you must at least enjoy writing a little or you are in for the nightmare of your life.

For instance I just  wrote  an  article  that was 587 words long. I was on a role and was really having fun. Sometimes good work just flows out like a spring that just bursted. All the information was good, everything was in good order and I even impressed myself a little with some of the wording and insights that just came out. Funny thing happened though, I hit the wrong key and deleted all of it.

Just like that it was gone. I have been writing long enough to know better than to try and rewrite it. I do not know why the auto save didn’t catch it as is usually the case. Oh well, I will attempt to hit the highlights here. In the beginning I wrote a horrible little joke about how you have to have a lot of patience. Then I wrote you can’t be a doctor without any patients. Sorry i couldn’t resist even twice over.

Thing is its so true about  Article  Marketing and really  writing  in general. It is very hard work and there is sometimes very little or no reward in the beginning. However, with devotion, determination and perseverance you can make it happen.

The main thing you need is a plan, yes a solid plan of action. One that works.

Well, in the article I lost it was a lot more clever leading into it, but yeah, a plan of action is a MUST! Without it I am sorry to say that you are doomed to fail. What is a plan of action? A good plan would be a system that allows you to produce the most amount of articles in the least amount of time.

How long should be long enough to figure out if your plan of action is working or not? Excellent question and one of some debate. I have heard that if after 30 articles and nothing; then change up your system. Yet, I cannot swear on any fast rule due to so many intangible factors. The writing, the market, the trends, the competition, the quality of the product, the internet, so many factors.

I believe that 30 articles is a good beginning, but there is so much more to it. Whatever it takes find, buy, create, develop, make up, burrow but need is the operative word here. If you are to succeed you will need a plan. One that works well and that you can work well with. Article Marketing is uber competitive and you will need any edge you can get.

One more thing is its extremely time consuming. Other freelancers and writers can outsource some of their work freeing them up to produce more. The more productive you can be the more possibilities of success and the less the chances of failure. So find a good tool to help you save time and it will drastically improve your writing business.