Article Marketing – Your Solution For Creating Multiple Info Products That Bring You Profits

So you want to create an information product? You and everyone else with a dream of internet riches.

So how do you overcome the biggest and most common obstacles to creating, marketing info products?

The answer for me is clearly  article  marketing.

Creating content

One reason is that most people struggle with creating content. The best news you may here this year is that when you are an  article  writer and  article  marketer, you are creating great content every time you write an  article . You get past the biggest challenge easily and all the time.

Creating info products

So now you have some content in the form of your  articles . So how do you turn these  articles  into products?

Good question. Now check out these two answers:

1) Take several  articles  you have written and bundle them into one document. This can be a mini-guide, a special report, or even and ebook. They can also be repurposed into teleseminars and other audio products. Teach these  articles  in front of a camera and you have the material for a DVD.

Getting the picture?

2) Take a 7 tips  article  you have written and write an  article  about each tip. Then turn each  article  into a chapter. Now you have a 7 chapter eBook that can be turned into a teleseminar, a telecourse, and audio CD, etc.

Marketing your info products

“If you build it they will come” was a great line in a movie but does not work in internet marketing, You have to let your ideal prospects know you are out here and direct them to your products. You do this by writing great quality  articles  and in the resource box inviting your prospects to get a free sample of you information products. Then follow up with offers to invest in your info products.