Ashford University SOC 308 Week 3 Quiz

Get help Ashford University SOC 308 Week 3 Quiz. Americans ought not to be concerned about what race they are. Americans have a right to determine the racial identities of other racial groups. Americans have a right to change their racial identities more than once. Hate crimes suggest the following about U.S. Because hate crimes are committed by isolated and demented individuals, they do not suggest anything about U.S. All U.S. communities should take responsibility for their collective attitudes towards minority racial groups and how members of those groups are treated on a daily basis. Communities where hate crimes exist must be suffering from general oppressions in the past, especially poverty and economic exploitation. Communities where hate crimes exist must contain more than an average number of cruel and bad people. 1960s legislation prohibiting discrimination, which was passed as result of the Civil Rights Movement. U.S. Constitution in its entirety.

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