Ashford-University SOC 312 WEEK 3

Imagine that you are a preschool teacher. Describe a situation in which you would use an extrinsic reward to motivate a preschooler. Discuss how these motivators could result in learned helplessness. Now, give examples and explain how you can lead the same child to achieve intrinsic motivation by becoming his or her own locus of control. Keep in mind that your end goal is for the child to be intrinsically motivated so that he or she has ownership of the behavior. Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Respond to at least two of your classmates by Day 7, and share an additional intrinsic motivator to the situation your classmates suggested. Explain why you think your motivator would work as well. The role of the microsystem in shaping children’s effortful control is important and parents play a critical role. What would you recommend to a parent who asks you what he or she can do to promote his or her preschool child’s self-regulation skills?

Now turning to the mesosystem, identify examples of influences on the child’s effortful control you can share with the parent. Provide examples of influences on children’s effortful control that you have observed in your own family and other families who are close to you. Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Respond to at least two of your classmates by Day 7, and share examples of self-regulation skills you have observed in your family or other families who are close to you. Question 1. Question : Raul thinks that everyone must hate broccoli, just like he does. Question 2. Question : A child’s tendency to mentally link particular experiences and events even though there is no logical relationship between them. Question 3. Question : A term coined by Piaget to mean the ability to use mental representations such as words, numbers, or images to attach meaning. Question 4. Question : The freedom to make choices on how to act and think is called executive function. Question 5. Question : Maya’s parents promised to buy her a new bicycle if she helped with the household chores. She has been helping her parents by picking up her toys and putting her clothes in the hamper. Question 6. Question : Children who spend more hours in child care display lower amounts of externalizing behaviors compared to children who do not receive child care. Question 8. Question : Jonah believes that he is incapable of accomplishing tasks and has little or no control over his environment. Question 9. Question : Intrinsic motivation is defined as doing an activity to attain some separate outcome to get a reward or to avoid punishment. Question 10. Question : Preschool children do not appear to be capable of telling prosocial lies.

Teachers who work in low-income areas are often eligible to have their student loans forgiven after a number of years of service. However, some argue that this practice should not continue. They argue that everyone should be eligible for loan forgiveness and that it shouldn’t only be select professions that are eligible. 35. Should classic literature be taught in high school or college? Many argue that the classics are important to our history and that they are works of art. Others feel the writings are outdated and generally irrelevant to modern society. 36. Should colleges and universities do more to help incoming freshman transition to college life? Though most colleges offer orientation programs, many students feel that the college itself does not do enough to prepare them for the realities of college life. 37. Has the No Child Left Behind Act helped students? The No Child Left Behind Act was designed to help all students succeed, but many people believe that it has been an unsuccessful program.

38. Should team names deemed to be offensive be banned? Some feel that team names such as “Redskins” or “Chiefs” are racially insensitive and are racial slurs. However, others argue that these names are steeped in tradition and should not be banned. 39. Should fast-food restaurants be blamed for obesity among Americans? Most people already know that many fast-food meals are high in calories and are often not as healthy as other options. Thus, these restaurants are to blame for increased obesity rates. Others argue that it’s the individual’s responsibility to consume these foods in moderation and that society cannot blame fast-food restaurants for obesity rates. 40. Do modern gender roles harm women? Though women are generally no longer expected to be stay-at-home moms, many argue that gender roles today continue to harm women. Some argue that media continues to sexualize women and thus perpetuates the classic gender roles of males being dominant over females.