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Get Instant marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion) assignment help. Marketing mix elements of Vodafone and important marketing mix element. Marketing mix is an approach to integrate various marketing activities that are useful in achieving marketing objectives of an organization by satisfying needs and wants of customers. Product: This element of marketing mix explains products and associated features with their benefits for customers. There are number of products and services provided by Vodafone to the customers namely mobiles, dongles & Mobile Wi-Fi, broad band, Vodafone live, 4G network, Vodafone Red Hot etc., which target different needs of customers at a time. Different features of Vodafone’s product or service provides several opportunities to play games, chat, receive and transfer images and video, exchange of information, mail video messages, online billing information, online recharge etc. that makes Vodafone one shop floor company. As per the online marketing assignment help experts, Vodafone has developed and introduced broad range of branded handset to improve mobile internet experience globally.

It designs its product by considering competitive offerings that enable it to create differentiation and to attract customers more effectively. In addition, Vodafone live provides a platform to customers for accessing internet on mobile, which helps them to get range of services such as MMS, polyphonic ringtones, video messaging etc. In this way, it provides on-the move information services. By this diverse product and service range, company is able to serve customers for making several uses of its product at a time. Price: Cost efficient pricing strategy is used by Vodafone in UK to retain existing and to attract potential customers. There are different factors namely competition level, macroeconomic changes, regulations of mobile termination rates, spectrum cost and charges of international roaming etc influence company’s pricing decisions. Monthly price plan along with pre-pay option is available that enables this company to increase accessibility for customers. Through such flexible price structure, company enables to make accessibility of its services for young and mature people both. In addition, for every £1 spent, Vodafone UK provides NECTAR reward points to the customers and this price structure helps to retain and attract them in effective manner.

At the same time as per the assignment help experts, the price structure of Vodafone also satisfies different needs of different customers at a time. For example: a two year plan of £28.33 (exc. UK minutes, unlimited standard UK texts and 2GB of UK interne that enables this company to target customers with different needs. Place: Vodafone operates its business in different countries across the world. Company has a position as the third largest mobile telecommunications network in UK after EE and O2. It sells its products and services through independent retailers e.g. Carphone Warehouse. It runs over 350 of its own stores that distribute its products and services in UK Currently, company has established a distribution centre namely Vodafone Distribution Limited. This distribution division is categorized into different business units such as Retail, Corporate and Connect. With the business assignment help experts of this distribution division, company is able to serve each business unit effectively by fulfilling needs of particular customers as per their needs and wants .

At distribution centers, customers can see and handle those products that they want to buy. Twitter, etc. to provide information regarding its products and offers and promotional schemes to local and global customers. In its marketing promotional campaigns and activities, company focuses on attributes and features of its products and services that help to attract customers in the market. Customer relationship management also works as promotional tool for the company to develop awareness among customers worldwide. Well designed advertisements of company including humours and sentiments also help the company to establish a relationship with customers. For this, it uses different means of advertising or marketing such as TV, radio, magazines, billboards, online marketing, etc. and press releases through news paper and channels that are helpful in communicating its marketing messages to large audiences effectively. Company includes famous icons as brand personality such as David Beckham in the advertising campaigns to convey its brand value to customers and make a direct impact on attitudes and sentiments of customers. At assignmenthelpexperts com, you can get marketing assignment help, marketing mix assignment help and business management assignment help from US,UK and Australian writers. You can get 24X7 assignment help from our assignment experts.