Marketing Strategy plays the one of the most important role to achieve company goals and objectives. The main objective of the marketing strategy is Customers satisfaction and increases the sales with less cost of the any product with good quality as compare with the competitive market. To more understand the concept of marketing strategy let we take General Motors. Motor is the one of the best automobile company in the word. General Motors manufacturing the cars and trucks in the international market. GM brands of vehicles are Chevrole, Buick, Holden, Opel, Wuling and Vauxhall, Cadillac. Due to the presence of the lots of automobile companies, The General Motors is facing very high completion. Marketing Strategy is the balance way that is used by the company for increasing sales and profit with customer’s satisfaction and less expanses. Marketing strategy of the General Motors mainly Used the segmentation, target and positioning strategy. General Motors segmentation strategy is main aim to target the different groups. In this GM think that the whole market is single market so the General Motors design the car with the different range of cost and its design the strategy according to the Income, Age, Family, occupation.

In the target strategy, the GM targets the upper, middle and lower class group and sells the products to customers according to the need and income. The positioning strategy of the company is change time to time by the Upper management and it’s always according to customer’s requirement. In above we provide the basic principal of the market strategy of the General Motors. Marketing Strategy is plays the very important in the business and the business success and failure always depends upon on the marker strategy. If you still have any doubt to understand the principal of marketing strategy then do contact us. We are best team of management tutors who can solve any assignment or homework. We have written thousand of paper and we are providing management assignment help to students of different universities with zero percentage plagiarism and they are very happy to see our assignment paper or solution. Please send us your assignment or homework, for free quote. We would be very happy to solve your assignment related to management subjects.

Company should also able to manage the various processes effectively. BPM helps in managing various business processes within the organization. Thus, it is analyzed that company faced various challenges while implementing the BPM. Business process management model of Walt-Mart model is useful for the organization in order to develop and improve various processes within the organization structure. Business process management builds effectiveness and efficiency in the overall activities of the organization. Wal-Mart has used the business process management in order to achieve the goals and objectives efficiently. Moreover, it is also analyzed that by implementing the BPM model organizations can attain various benefits. Through BPM, organization can be able to reduce the inventory and cost of products. Further, it will be helpful for the company to attain its mission and vision statement. This organization strategy phase is focused towards ensuring that project team members within the organization are aware about the strategies, goals, vision and mission.

Team members should be cleared that strategy is the process of engaging the people into external and internal environment in order to bring innovations for the achievement of organizational goals. This phase is also helpful in understanding the overall organizational culture. In case of Wal-Mart, mission of the company is to save people money so that they can live better life. In this phase, Wal-Mart communicate the mission to every member in the organization. In order to achieve the mission, Wal-Mart is focused towards utilizing the resources in such a way that employees will produce good quality of products at lower prices. From the above discussion of business process development & management assignment help, it is analyzed that the main purpose of organization strategy phase is to maintain clarity about the organizational goals, strategies, mission and vision. This phase is very useful in implementing the business process management in the organization. Organization strategy phase is aimed to communicate the strategies and policies to the employees in the organization. Through communicating the strategies to the employees, organization can be able to produce the goods effectively. Moreover, Wal-Mart has build healthy and supportive working environment through the use of BPM model. Innovation and development in different processes can be brought through organization strategy phase. This will also be helpful in brining new paths for the company.

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