Assignment Help And Writing Tips

So you decided to get professional assignment writing help? Good for you; that will save you a lot of time and nerves! If you have never ordered assignments online before, you must be wondering how the process works. In the continuation, you will find general information about the way assignment writing services work. You need to make sure you’re at the right destination before submitting the order form. Check if the company offers the product you need, and make sure you’re protected with fair guarantees. This is the part where you need to be very careful. Assignment services protect you with a satisfaction guarantee, but that doesn’t mean you can place an order with scarce instructions and get endless revisions until you’re fully satisfied. The company will make sure to complete the content in accordance with your requirements. That means that you need to provide detailed instructions about the type of product, its length, quality level, deadline, and your expectations. You’ve done your part of the work; now it’s up to the service to find the perfect writer for your project. Naturally, the quality of the service will vary between different companies.

Highly-reputable writing services delegate each order to an expert with PhD or MA degree in the suitable category. If the assignment writing service enables you to communicate and collaborate with your writer, you should take advantage of that opportunity. Make sure to ask for feedback and watch how your assignment is being developed by the expert. If you notice that the writer is making arguments that don’t comply with your instructions, you can ask him to fix the issue before it’s too late. You’ll achieve the best results if you don’t leave everything into the hands of the writer, although you can definitely do that when you don’t have enough time to collaborate. This is the final step for most students. If you choose a reputable writing service, your assignment will be ready by the deadline. If everything is fine with the content you receive, you can confirm you’re satisfied and feel free to submit the unique assignment as your own. If not, you can proceed to the next step. Most writing services guarantee your right to free revisions, as long as your requirements are in compliance with the instructions you initially provided. If something is wrong with the content, make sure to ask for amendments as soon as possible. The writer is obliged to fix the content until you’re happy with it.

Kelly is researching the representation of females in film for her composition final. She wants to discuss the films of Kathryn Bigelow. She searches for “Kathryn Bigelow” in the Ashford University Library databases and locates an article by Joel Johnson that discusses Bigelow’s film, The Hurt Locker. Write a paragraph of advice for Kelly explaining the importance of citing sources. Describe to Kelly what steps she needs to now take to avoid plagiarizing the author of the article. Shawn is assigned a paper on biases in the judicial system. Shawn is having difficulty figuring out where to find sources for this topic. He has searched online and once briefly in the Ashford University Library databases but has not found what he is looking for: statistics of the number of people currently in jail in the United States versus 10 years ago. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, Shawn decides that he knows enough about this topic to guess an average number. Write a paragraph of advice for Shawn explaining why creating a fact statistic is wrong and what he should do differently next time. Explain to Shawn what he should have done in this situation instead of fabricating a statistic.

Your initial post should contain a minimum of 350 words and be written in complete sentences. It must answer all aspects of the prompt (refer to “Think about it this way” below). Demonstrate what you learned in the APA Skill Activity this week by citing your sources correctly. Your initial post must be posted by 11:59 Thursday evening. Reply to at least two of your classmates who explored a different scenario than that which you examined. Will the advice they provided be helpful in the future for the individual in the scenario? What might your classmates add to their advice to make it even more helpful? Post your two peer responses during the week to maximize the opportunity for vigorous discussion. This discussion is asking you to do six things. • View the CBS video CBS Morning News “Plagiarism” story. Then, review 6 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism and Generally Be a Cool Person. • Describe your reaction to the video.