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Some control channels, the ones from the phone to the basestation, are packet switched (and random access). In 3G, some circuit switched channels used for data and Internet access are combined and then used in a packet switched way. WLAN’s on the other hand are all packet switched. Discuss why this has evolved this way. Be short and to the point as much as possible. What is more important in wireless cellular services, power or bandwidth efficiency, and why? What about for mobile communication services offering both voice and high speed data? Also here, please be short and to the point. Describe briefly what are the traffic and the control channels in a cellular system, and what’s important about each? Also, are they forward channels or reverse channels? This is an extra point question, it is NOT one of the 3 minimum required. Note that doing more than 3, regardless of this one, gives you more credit than the minimum on the Discussion assignments. On 9/9/2014 Apple announced the Apple 6’s, with bigger screens, an i-watch, and an e-wallet (or i-wallet) service. Samsung and androids already had bigger screens.

Comment on or answer (if you do this, do all 4 parts below). Do you think the bigger screens now more prevalent are much more useful, and will they get bigger? Is there another way to evolve the human interface? Explain what new security features Apple introduced or is counting on for the e-wallet service? And do you think that the e-wallet features Apple is putting in on this service can make the service become widely used, as opposed to usage for small niche or markets or users? Is there an equivalent Android service? Would you buy the i-watch and why? Or other Android or Apple compatible wearables? We will do more in later weeks on NFC. Remember to please title your topic descriptively but briefly as to what it is (eg, Answers to Prof. Questions, or Answer to Question 1 on Erlang traffic, or Question on WiFi) so other students can navigate easier.