Assignment Help: Tips On Writing Different Type Of Essays

Essay writing is one of the crucial skills that a student needs to master throughout his/her education. Essay writing will develop the students’ writing skill, reading skill, improves concentration and will help them possess knowledge about various things that are happening around the world. The types of essay writing which students are asked to write generally are (a) narrative, (b) descriptive and (c) persuasive. The first two types of essay writing involve narrating and describing particular incidents in daily life or incidents which historically, politically, scientifically are important. These include describing those incidents. The third type of essay writing is persuasive essay writing. This type of essay writing involves persuading the readers to persuade them and convince and make them accept the arguments put forth by the writer. A close look at the three types of essays will reveal us some more details. Narrative type of essay-writing: A narrative essay is very similar to writing a story. The writer concentrates on his/her memories and writes an incident which took place with him/her or with his/her friend.

Or writing about a movie watched, a book recently read, and or a place visited recently. Most of the time, narrative essays come from personal experiences. The essays are usually filled with details that are carefully selected to explain, support and embellish the story. Descriptive type of essay-writing: Descriptive type of essay writing is also very similar to narrative type of essay-writing. A descriptive essay is more advanced in nature than a narrative essay. Descriptive essays are written not only to describe the physical appearance of someone or something but one should also describe the inner qualities of that particular person or thing. Persuasive type of essay-writing: Persuasive type of essay writing is also known as argument essay writing. As already discussed, this type of writing involves persuading the readers to believe in what the writer is conveying. Putting forward the arguments requires a good sense of logical thinking, analyzing facts, etc. The task involves certain things like (a) choosing the position, (b) analyzing the audience, (c) researching the topic, (d) structuring the essay.

Choosing a position: The writer must choose a position in a situation or an issue and should look for what his/her arguments will offer at the end. Analyzing the audience: The audience or the readers must be convinced of what one is arguing. One must observe whether they agree, remain neutral or disagree with the arguments. Researching on the topic: in order to know thoroughly about the topic, one must read as much as about it from different sources. One must be very confident in putting forward a statement. Structuring the essay: the essay shall include the evidence that one wants to present in support of the argument. These are the different types of essay writing. We provide Assignment help, Homework help, Online tutoring in various subjects to College and University students. Our subject coverage includes Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nursing, Engineering, Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Statistics, etc. The list is not exhaustive.

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