Assume you view your eyelashes using a concave mirror in front of your eye. Assume your eyelashes appear at 25cm to your eye and the angular magnification in this configuration is 10x. Calculate the focal length and the distance between your eye and the magnifier.

2) A Galilean telescope has a magnifying power of 10x and the objective lens diameter is 6cm.

  1. a) Determine the focal lengths of the objective lens and the eyepice lens if the separationbetween lenses is 45 cm.
  2. b) Calculate the system matrix for this telescope including the two lenses.

For c and d, make reasonable assumptions.

  1. c) What is the minimum feature size that can be resolved when the telescope is used to look across Bosphorus to the other side.
  2. d) Calculate the FOV of this telescope in degrees.

3)Assume 2 monochromatic plane waves propagating in the z-direction have angular frequency w, and their plane ob vibration is in the xy plane. Assume first wave, E1, is linearly polarized at an angle theta with the x-axis and has amplitude E1. Assume the second wave E2 is right circularly polarized and has amplitude E2.

  1. a) Mathmetical expressions for E1 and E2.
  2. b) Total intensity due to interference E1 ve E2 cinsinden.
  3. c) Assume the 2 waves go through a quarter wave plate with fast axis oriented at 30 degrees with respect to x-axis.

4) Assume you’d like to be able to design a gaze tracker and track movements of user’s eye pupil while using his laptop using camera above the laptop screen. Assume the camera has 2×2 micron square pixels. Make assumptions.

  1. a) Minimum lens diameter needed to resolve the pupil position with <5mm accuracy.
  2. b) Minimum focal length for the camera lens in order for the camera to resolve the pupil with good accuracy.


  1. a) 3 km optic fiber cable is made up of three 1-km lengths, spliced together. Each length has a 6 db loss and each splice contributes 1db loss. If input power = 100 mW, output power?
  2. b) If a giver under the ground is damaged during an earthquake, how can Türk Telekom determine the exact position of damage.


  1. a) Assume that you are handed an LED that you can use as a point light source, a precision ruler for measuring distances, and a plano convex lens. Describe step by step how you can determine the radius pf curvature (R) and the refractive index (n) of the lens. Make a sketch of your setup and give the necessary formulas.
  2. b) Assume the light from the sun is in incident at an angle theta on a surface and the refractive index of the medium is n. Write the degree of polarization for the reflected light as a function of angle theta.
  3. c) A michelson interferometer is illuminated with monochromatic light, if one of the mirrors moved by 12 um, 60 fringe pairs are observed. Determine the wavelength of the incident beam.
  4. d) Assume you are tasked to build a 3d movie theater. List all the optical components/systems needed to create a 3d movie theater. Explain how the system works. Sketch if needed

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