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Are their prices really as low as this statement indicates? And more importantly, do they fit the quality of content? After all, when ordering your papers online, the most important factor is the quality of content because this is what affects your grade. In order to be able to provide all these services, the company would have to work with many writers that are experts in various niches. At the moment of our evaluation, the website counts 759 writers, which is more than sufficient to cover this amount of services. This is something we evaluate by ordering a paper from the company. 16.99 for Standard quality editing with a deadline of 10 days. There are two quality options you can choose from Standard and Premium. Premium quality papers are not much more expensive than the Standard quality papers, which is a big advantage. Additionally, certain services come with additional free features, such as the ‘top 10 writers working on the paper’ feature for a Standard quality paper ordered within a deadline of 12 hours. You can try out the service with the first-order discount of even 25%, which makes the price of papers highly affordable.

Additionally, the loyalty program is very fair too, turning the originally high prices into more affordable ones. If you are a returning customer with the company, you can accumulate up to 15% lifetime discount. Of course, this will all be for nothing if the quality of papers offered at the company is bad. We ordered a term paper of Standard quality only, but chose the option that provided us with the extra feature ‘top 10 writers’. From the paper we got, we can confirm that the term paper was truly written by experienced writers, since we found no mistake or plagiarism in it and the writing style was very good. The paper was well researched and properly referenced, which left us nothing to fix or change. For a Standard quality of paper, we were very surprised with the delivered content. Even though the pricing of the company is high, especially until you reach the 15% lifetime discount, this is a good company for those in need of high-quality papers. Many writing companies offer incredibly low prices, but deliver bad content. The pricing system of the company is not the perfect fit for a student’s budget, but is significantly reduced with their discount and loyalty policies. Quality content comes at a higher price, which is understandable.

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