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Appendices – include your additional data tables and other related materials. Make sure your data tables are clear, but – for our class at least – don’t spend time recopying data. Better is just to make a copy of the pages of a lab manual. Chemistry Department (2008, Sep 8) Lab Report Guidelines. Department of Physics (2006) Lab Manual. The Purpose of the Report is to Communicate Truth. Accuracy is important. A Science Lab Report is not creative writing. Stay within the limits of your study or experiment. If your report says something you did not intend, then either you did not understand what you were doing, or your reader will not know what you were doing (or both). Clarity is important. Do not assume that science (or an essay topic) is too complicated for you to understand. If you do not understand what you have written, then no one else will understand your report either.

If you have filled your report with scientific terms and complicated sentences in order to sound sophisticated, then you have probably succeeded only in sounding muddled. Grammar and spelling are important. If you use computer grammar checkers, be aware that they are probably not yet able to handle scientific style. Use a spell checking tool, but be aware that most spelling checkers do not include many scientific terms. Copy unfamiliar terms with great care. A few letters can make a big difference in a scientific term. Failing to follow formal lab report guidelines, or to label the sections of the lab report such that it is not clear whether a given part of it is reporting on the procedure, the data or the conclusions. Or similarly, to place procedural statements in the Discussion section (e.g., “we measured the photogate time and calculated the instantaneous speed and then found the kinetic energy and total mechanical energy.”). These should be in the experimental procedures section. Neglecting to include a solid theoretical background, or merely stating an obvious, short hypothesis (e.g., “we believe that the higher the initial height, the greater the speed at point B.”). The theory should be sufficient to demonstrate that you know how the laws of physics applied. Neglecting to include a detailed procedure which would provide sufficient direction for anyone to follow. The steps should be included in a narrative form where there is enough detail for a person who is unfamiliar with the equipment to conduct the same study. In a group experiment, “we” should be used. Making very general conclusions which (while perhaps true) have nothing to do with the idea behind the lab report (e.g., “This project was fun and we learned a lot. We hope that we can do more projects like this.”).