Based on your background explain why you decided to do an MBA and why Ga Tech

Student athlete got a BBA in finance
-Always Interested in business
-Graduated in December and started working in January
-Started working as an auditor in a strategy consulting firm
-Being part of a consulting firm allowed me to appreciate role of a consultant through my involvement in the projects and the personal interactions and friendships I developed with the consultants at my firm.
-became more interested in consulting reasons why: The diversity of the projects and their great impact on our clients in different sectors; consulting is a field where one is constantly challenged to keep learning and innovating to come up with new solutions.
-My desire to work in strategy consulting is a choice that I have matured throughout my academic and professional experience. I am very much attracted by the complexity and diversity of the issues addressed as well as the intellectually stimulating environment in the consulting industry. I?m convinced that this field will satisfy my eagerness for learning and my taste for challenge.
-MBA is an effective way to expand my knowledge and skill set both in breadth and in depth in business and management.
– We don’t have many women in leadership positions in my country
-I want to be a role model in my country
-there are a lot of group projects and team work is very important in the MBA: Learning how to cope and work with people from all walks of life. ( as a student athlete I have learned to work in a team environment)

Ga tech

-enriching interaction with Ga Tech students and alumni
-Ranked among the best in the country
-collaborating and networking with classmates from diverse professional backgrounds at more than 300 different companies.

-Great Career services support
– offer individual career coaching to help clarify career paths and establish targeted goals to meet personal development objectives.
-Very competitive and I like challenge
– Has a unique competitive advantage: Ga tech’s tradition of excellence particularly in operations and technology… balance business knowledge with technical savvy

– To be able to work at one of the best firms (like BCG) I need to learn from a high quality school- Ga tech is the best option in Atl.
– Bright students.. good contacts to have