Basic Communications

The goal of this paper is to help you analyze your self-perception and your perception of the world around you. This paper is based on the concepts presented in chapter 2 of your textbook and must include terms and concepts from the book. The paper is worth 30 points and is broken into 5 categories each worth 5 possible point, another 5 points will be given under the category of writing. The areas of discussion are:

Discuss the concept of selection in terms of what we perceive. Try to think of examples of how you have engaged in selective exposure, selective perception and or selective memory. How has this perhaps skewed your views of the world?

Discuss how we organize the information we select. This section should focus heavily on your perception of others. Some areas to discuss include prototypes, stereotypes, interpersonal constructs and scripts. You should provide specific examples of how these concepts have worked in your life.

Discuss the factors that influence our perception. You should analyze the role that culture, media, fields of experience and language play in our perception.

Discuss who you see yourself as and how that has developed. Discuss your self-concept and self-esteem, what specifically do you feel influenced those constructs.

Discuss your relational and mediated self. How does this differ from what you discussed in the previous section?

Writing- Your paper should be well edited, clear and concise. You should write an introduction and a conclusion, the paper should flow cohesively, but I would like to see 5 distinct sections, with headers, covering each required element. It usually takes between 1500-2000 words to adequately address these topics.

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