Becoming a Critical Thinker

***PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, AND ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS, THANKS!*** This assignment is about a book called “Becoming a Critical Thinker” sixth Edition by Sherry Diestler. You may need some of the pages you used before so I have it attached below. I also attached the assignment you did before. Please use the same tone as last time. Thank you!

*** Please do not use master level of vocabularies, college level, simple, easy to understand words will be the best. Thank you***

This writing assignment is evaluated as “discussion” rather than” homework.” You might write it in causal style.

You’ve tried to live ethically over the past week. How was it When was this exercise in living ethically most difficult (if ever) and why Did you sometimes feel the gap and tension many very often feel between living by one’s real values vs. one’s ideal values

Did you face any dilemmas, large or small, over the course of the week — or need to apply any ethical decision making tools What value conflicts did you notice—and what value prioritization did you have to undertake