Beloved by Toni Morrison

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Write a 5- to 7-page Critical Perspectives paper that defines the issues and debates in the critical writing about your text and author, and suggests areas of further research. Worth 15% of your grade. You will probably use language from your Annotated Bibliography, but in this paper you closely relate all of the critics to one another, finding the points on which they disagree or overlap, and evaluating their arguments and evidence. As a scholar now familiar with the critical material surrounding your author, you then compose your own research question one that would advance or contribute to the current writing on your topic. On what issue to critics disagree What is the debate among scholars What remains unsolved What has been overlooked What assumptions have gone untested This final assignment is meant to demonstrate the truism that we do research not so much to answer questions about literature, but to find out what questions are worth asking. Finally, you should include a tentative thesis and some of the main points that support it. If it s the same as one of your critic s, you can agree as long as you add something to it (For example, you might defend him/her from objections or rival critics, add new evidence, etc.).